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House for Sale in 2004Storage containers arrive. Construction begins 2011.Demolitions starts. Porch is gone, concrete brick partially removed.Back of renovation area.Now that it's spring; it snowed a little more.Moffat Material DeliveryWeek 2: The crew was permitted a short break.The house with no roof.Inside with no roof.The gable of the old house exposed.Structural Insulated Panel (SIPs) truck arrives with 6 bundles.Tarped over because they're predicting snow/rain overnight.First LVL beam in place.Construction material in the front yard viewed from the second floor.Hot knife cutter and the foam piece it’s removed from the side of the SIP.Week 3: Starting second floor wall panels.Four panels up.Working on the second floor front wall.Three second floor walls in place.Third floor framing in progress.